Better than expected!

Sometimes we worry about what is to come. We have fears and reservations which can be based on past experiences, or total unknowns. We build stories, expectations and images in our heads that can be both good and bad. Yesterday I had done this. I had created a worry about how the “first meeting” between my daughters and my parents would go, and this worry was based on previous experiences.

It had been 2.5 years since my girls last “physically” saw their other grandparents, my parents. Yes, we saw them each Sunday via a computer screen, thanks to Skype, but hugging and kissing a screen before you go and run off to play with toys is not really quality contact, and interactions are very different.

Our last physical encounter was when G was just under 3 and O was not yet 1.  It was back in Australia, and they both took quite a bit of time to “warm up” to Nappy and Poppy, and did not have a lot of alone time with them. So, I had been quite anxious about how the girls would respond to seeing Nanny and Poppy in person again after so long.

Photo (62)
The whole family back in Australia – January 2015. Photo: Fleur Ferguson
My heart melted! I walked in the door with them, and were greeted by two little girls dressed in their finest dresses, eagerly awaiting our arrival.  G went straight up to them and gave them both long, strong embraces and welcomed them in openly.  O was a little reserved initially, but it wasn´t long before she was asking Nanny to do things for her, instead of Mummy!  They used their English words and interacted with them like there had never been any distance before.  I was such a proud mummy.

My oldest daughter taught me today that I can never know, or control how others respond or react to things, and that past experiences do not mean that future ones will be the same.

Now I am looking forward to the next 4 weeks with my family here in Norway!




P.S. No photos today as I missed capturing the moments, I was too busy being in them!

Family Photo:





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