Being in the moment!

This past weekend we took the girls away to have a little family trip together. The coming weekends are about to be filled with renovating our first family home, so we wanted to have quality time with our girls before all of this starts. For me it became more than just quality time. It gave me the experience of being in the moment again, and seeing the positive consequences to my interactions and relationships with my family!

From Friday evening, when we got in the car, to Sunday when we arrived home, I felt very present with my girls and my husband. It was a “yes” weekend, and we hope that we gave the girls a special time for them to remember. We stayed at a family friendly hotel, where we enjoyed playing in the pool together, eating whatever we wanted for breakfast and enjoyed using the playroom that was attached to the restaurant! The only thoughts that I had in these two days, were of my family and this time together.

On Saturday, we spent our day at Liseberg (an amusement park) and they got to experience the rides they wanted to, and buy what they wanted. This was an extra special gift from Bestemor and Bestefar and their Tante, who had each given them some extra spending money! Seeing them so happy is one of life’s simple pleasures. They reminded me of the importance of being present in everything we do, and how the magic of each moment is what makes life so special.

I am grateful that we got to have this time together, not only because life is about to get terribly busy, but because I got reminded of the power of presence! I got to get out of my head, and enjoy “just being”!  Our experiences and interactions are much more fulfilling when we are present, and therefore, so is our life.