Yesterday I witnessed a little girl sit for the first time! This made my day and bought tears to my eyes.

I have been treating a little girl in practice since she was about five months old and we have had some pretty amazing changes over the course of the last year, but yesterday was one of the biggest.  She sat unsupported on the floor for over 10 minutes.  This is a big thing, because she is over 1 year old, and this had not yet happened.

OK Orange rumpe 2

After a little treatment, vibrational stimulation and a little positioning, we were able to witness her hold herself up without any support. She was also able to grab at toys and give them to her mum, move her legs and use her arms for support. The joy that was felt in the room, in the practice and in our hearts, was overwhelming.

It is not every day that I get to see such instant results, but yesterday I did, and this event touched my heart so deeply, that I wanted to share it. Chiropractic can be more that helping people with their pain, and in the case of this little girl, it has been about working with her developmentally. Yesterday we achieved a new milestone!