Letting go of expectations leads to more fun

This year we were back on the mountain with some good friends.  It had been two years since we were there with the same family and had a magical time.  Things are certainly easier being away with another family who have children exactly the same age as our own.  They are all at an age where they can play well together, and we, the parents, can sit back and relax a little!


Our Easter mountain holiday two years ago was a great experience, the weather was amazing, we were out on the toboggans and skis when we wanted to, we relaxed in the sun while the babies slept, we remembered all the good things.  This of course sets high standards and expectations for what is to come!

The kids were super excited to be in a new house, living with another family, and being at the snow, just like we were.  So, with all that excited energy, we all assumed and expected that they would be as keen to learn to ski, go downhill on the toboggan and play in the snow just as much as we did.  We got them out, dressed them in all their layers and put them on their skis.  However, they were not always so happy with our plans as we wanted them to be.  This lead to tears, frustration and disappointment.  That was until we decided to let go of our expectations and follow their leads.

Once we, the parents, made this change our holiday experience blossomed.  We became more relaxed, and everyone had a much better time.  We all got to do what we wanted to do.  This meant that at times there were some outside, while others were inside.  It also opened up to more possibilities for us, the parents, to have the opportunity to do what we wanted to do.

Through letting go of our own expectations of how the holiday `should´ have been, and what we thought was fun for the kids, we ended up having a more relaxing time and got to create a positive memory for them.  Yes, we may not have got to do all the things that we had planned for the weekend, but we learnt to change our expectations and be more flexible.  Hopefully they will be excited to go away again next time!