Saying goodbye!

Etter fire fine uker med familien min her i Norge, sa jeg “ha det bra” til dem tidlig på søndag morgen. Selvfølgelig var det trist å stå med tårer i øynene å se dem gå gjennom tolldørene på flyplassen, uten meg. Men det var litt lettere å si farvel da vi har planlagt å se dem igjen neste år!

Fire uker med fem ekstra folk å ordne for og bry seg om kan være litt slitsomt. Selv om de er familie, slappet jeg ikke av hele tiden. Å ordne mat og vaske klær for ni istedenfor fire var en jobb, men heldigvis hadde jeg god hjelp fra både min mor og min søster! Allikevel er det bra at vaskemaskinen og jeg nå kan slappe av litt igjen 😉

Vi var også heldig å ha ekstra barnevakt! Vi benyttet sjansen til å spise middag ute, alene, uten barn! Og selv om det var litt voldsomt av og til, trivdes jentene veldig godt med besøket fra Nanny, Poppy, Aunty Ral, Uncle Jase og Maddie.

Før familien min kom hit, var vi ikke sikre på når vi skulle reise til Australia igjen. Vi vet at neste år har vi tid, men var usikre på når det passet. I 2018 fyller jeg 40 år, og faren min blir 70 år, så da har vi bestemt oss for å ha en stor bursdagsfest sammen i Australia! Så, på søndag, selv om det var trist å si “ha det”, var det litt lettere siden vi nå har en plan på når vi skal se hverandre igjen.





Better than expected!

Sometimes we worry about what is to come. We have fears and reservations which can be based on past experiences, or total unknowns. We build stories, expectations and images in our heads that can be both good and bad. Yesterday I had done this. I had created a worry about how the “first meeting” between my daughters and my parents would go, and this worry was based on previous experiences.

It had been 2.5 years since my girls last “physically” saw their other grandparents, my parents. Yes, we saw them each Sunday via a computer screen, thanks to Skype, but hugging and kissing a screen before you go and run off to play with toys is not really quality contact, and interactions are very different.

Our last physical encounter was when G was just under 3 and O was not yet 1.  It was back in Australia, and they both took quite a bit of time to “warm up” to Nappy and Poppy, and did not have a lot of alone time with them. So, I had been quite anxious about how the girls would respond to seeing Nanny and Poppy in person again after so long.

Photo (62)
The whole family back in Australia – January 2015. Photo: Fleur Ferguson
My heart melted! I walked in the door with them, and were greeted by two little girls dressed in their finest dresses, eagerly awaiting our arrival.  G went straight up to them and gave them both long, strong embraces and welcomed them in openly.  O was a little reserved initially, but it wasn´t long before she was asking Nanny to do things for her, instead of Mummy!  They used their English words and interacted with them like there had never been any distance before.  I was such a proud mummy.

My oldest daughter taught me today that I can never know, or control how others respond or react to things, and that past experiences do not mean that future ones will be the same.

Now I am looking forward to the next 4 weeks with my family here in Norway!




P.S. No photos today as I missed capturing the moments, I was too busy being in them!

Family Photo:





Hello from Cyprus!

Today I am writing from sunny Cyprus.  I am here attending the EuropeanChiropractic Unions Annual Conference.  And I am alone… I am here child free and without my husband!  In actual fact, I am here without really knowing anyone.  It is at times a little daunting and lonely, and at others, quite liberating.

The journey alone is always fine, I have taken many planes around the world on my own, but it is arriving, and being at the destination alone that poses a few inner challenges, and brings up some insecurities.  I am now, so used to having two little ones being dependent on me, that it is not often that I get to really focus on me and what I am feeling.  It is also an odd feeling to only have MY belongings in my handbag, or to have the whole bed all to myself!

Last night was the first night here, and it wasn´t spent dining out and having wine at the bar. Nope sorry, it was spent eating room service on my balcony, getting the PJ´s on early and starting a new novel that I had purchased earlier in the day!  And then I got to sleep alone all night in a big bed.  I did wake feeling a refreshed, and a little guilty though – because I knew that back at home, my other half had not been so fortunate.  Instead, he had been smothered with love from our two little girls, and ended up roasting from their heat all night.

I have three more nights here before making the journey back to the family that I love!  I know that in this time I am going to experience a roller coaster of emotions. They will range from bliss and happiness for my independence, to guilt and longing for the people I love most in the world.  But as my husband tells me, it is good for everyone that I get to have these days away.  He and the girls are fine without me, their hair might be a little messy each day, and the washing might not get done on my schedule, but they are surrounded by the only other person that loves them as much as I do.  So, I will take these next few days to feel deep within, enjoy this time of solitude and learning and do my best at being with peace of being alone!




Oh, and I will get a little training done while I am here too 😉