Sunday closing…

Is Norway so different to Australia?

It is not a simple question to answer. Sure, we have similarities, but also there are things that are so very different between my two home countries.  Because of this reason, I have decided to break it down into bits and pieces!

One of the first things that struck me when I arrived was that there was nothing open on a Sunday…. This seemed so “old fashioned” initially, as I had lived in two different countries, and done some traveling, but had never before experienced the “closing” of a country on the weekend.


So, what do Norwegians do on a Sunday if they need to do some shopping? Drive to Sweden of course!  We are lucky to live only 40 minutes’ drive from the Swedish border, so if we feel the need to shop with the rest of Norway, we will take a “tur” there on a Sunday. Otherwise, we do what many others do, and that is shop frantically on a Saturday and then enjoy Sunday with the family!

The other side of Sunday closing, is that it is a very family oriented day!  Families “gå på tur” i.e. go for walks in nature, meet up with other families, and are generally together on this day!  So, when looking at it from this direction, Sunday closing is a pretty good thing!

I am now accustomed to Sunday closing, although that doesn´t mean I am always prepared for it. There are times that we need to drive to the little “søndagsåpentbutikk” (the small part of a food shop that has a limited amount of stock available and has limited opening hours), to shop for things that we desperately need for the day!

I am still undecided about where I stand on Sunday opening, as I can see both sides of the picture, and I have adjusted my life around it, but I do know that I really enjoy family time on Sundays!

What are your thoughts?



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